Martha likes Dr. Flowers’ dedication to dental excellence.
Testimonials and reviews on Dr. Charles Flowers

“When I had crown work, it took several appointments to prepare and complete. I knew Dr. Flowers would ask me if I was comfortable and feeling any discomfort, in case I needed more anesthesia. Sometimes I had to sit in the chair two hours but I was able to get up and move around when needed. I trust his hand in my mouth to be careful and do the work correctly.

“Dr. Flowers always shows me his work so I can tell him if I am happy. He listens carefully to the facts and feeling about my teeth so he can respond to my issue. I have no issues with my crown and know Dr. Flowers will do whatever is required to make it best match my teeth’s coloring.”


Dr. Flowers changed Lisa’s life.
Testimonials and reviews on Dr. Charles Flowers

“I had not been to a dentist in 10 years and I needed help for my smile. I had a bad experience and when we moved to Columbia I had my husband find a new dentist and sent him first :- ). He came back and said he thought I would like Dr. Flowers and he would make it pain-free for me. So I went to see Dr. Flowers and it was pain-free. He’s very gentle and lets you know exactly what he is doing. They all treat me wonderfully and make my visits so easy!

“Dr. Flowers changed my life by giving me beautiful teeth. He’s kind, he’s gentle, he cares and he does great work. I’m grateful and thrilled to be able to smile again.”


Dr. Flowers has been Parin’s family dentist for over three decades.
Testimonials and reviews on Dr. Charles Flowers

“I am very comfortable with Dr. Flowers because he is gentle and very particular. The practice is very neat and comfortable, all the procedures that Dr. Flowers has performed on my entire family and me have been very successful, and everything is holding up very well. Dr. Flowers is very professional and very good at what he does. He is very concerned about his patients and always willing to help when needed.

“I like everything about Dr. Flowers’ practice. Good people, good care. We have been coming to Dr. Flowers over the last 35 years, ever since I came to this country he has been the only dentist my family and I have had. My teeth look great!!”


John trusts Dr. Flowers.
Testimonials and reviews on Dr. Charles Flowers

“I needed multiple crowns and I decided to go to Dr. Flowers based on recommendations of some of his patients. Dr. Flowers’s staff is courteous and friendly, and he has great patient rapport. He is friendly, always accommodating and I am very happy with his work. I trust Dr. Flowers implicitly.”


George believes Dr. Flowers does an outstanding job.
Testimonials and reviews on Dr. Charles Flowers

“I have experienced the care in which Dr. Flowers takes to make certain I am as comfortable as possible before he begins and expands what he is about to do and gives every assurance that he will do all the possibly can to make the procedures as pain free as possible. He is caring and does an outstanding job on my teeth. I feel he cares about my wife and me.

“The aftercare is excellent. He gives me tooth paste, brushes and items to loss my teeth and directions as to what dental items I should purchase to enhance my dental care at home.”


Jeanne is satisfied with Dr. Flowers’ work .
Testimonials and reviews on Dr. Charles Flowers

“My husband recommended Dr. Flowers to me. I am really pleased with my experience at Dr. Flowers’ dental practice. I am satisfied with the treatment that I’ve received. I’ve always been afraid of the dentist because of the fear of pain, but not once have I had a painful episode. I also have not had problems with bleeding, selling or infection.

“Dr. Flowers is very gentle and takes time to make sure that you are pain free and comfortable while he works. He recommends and gives you different treatment options for your individual situation. He considers your financial and insurance considerations. Scheduling is always at your convenience.

“Because of Dr. Flowers and his staff, I feel that I am in a very good place with my dental health. I think I have a nicer smile; I’m not bothered by pain or discomfort, and most important, I visit the dentist more frequently than in the past for regular checkups.”


Ann will always use Dr. Flowers.
Testimonials and reviews on Dr. Charles Flowers

“My sister-in-law recommended me to Dr. Flowers back in 1976. After having lost so many teeth, I was Dr. Flowers first implant patient over 20 years ago. I have since had four bridges as a result of ongoing implants as needed. I still have the ability to eat normally, smile, and can be confident my dental work appears as a natural smile.

“Implants are the best thin since homemade bread. You don’t even know you have them. They are low maintenance and without them I would not be able to function in public. I have had the privilege of owning my own business as well as working in a large company and furthers. I do not think I could have experienced this level of success as an average person without Dr. Flowers help. My entire family continues to see Dr. Flowers.

When my 85-year-old father-in-law came to stay with us we immediately scheduled an appointment for my father-in-law.

“Dr. Flowers has always been there for us nights, weekends and after hours. We will always use Dr. Flowers.”


Pam has been a satisfied patient for over 30 years.
Testimonials and reviews on Dr. Charles Flowers

“I had a cavity that needed attention. I went through the phone book until I found a dentist who would talk to me. Dr. Flowers is thoughtful, kind and professional. He diagnosed the TMJ that had troubled me for years. I’ve been seeing him since 1980. I know I can count on him.”


Sam thinks we’re great.
Testimonials and reviews on Dr. Charles Flowers

“Great location. Great work. Great people. Great Price. Great teeth!”


Why Dr. Hogan recommends Dr. Flowers.

“When I had a broken tooth, who did I go to…? Dr. Flowers! He and his friendly staff saw me immediately and solved the problem with minimal time and expense. This says a lot since I am a fellow dentist and would not trust just anyone; Dr. Flowers and his staff are highly recommended.”

-Donald Hogan, DDS

Dr. Joseph is an Orthodontist who works closely with Dr. Flowers’ patients.

“Dr. Flowers has been sending us orthodontic patients for years, and all of his patients love him. They like his patient manner as well as his professionalism. He’s a caring individual and this becomes evident as you talk to him. He and I have planned several difficult cases together involving patients that need restorative as well as orthodontic treatment. He is very knowledgeable, and his cases are well thought out. Whatever is best for the patient is his guiding light.

“I would usually go to his office for these planning sessions where I would interact with his staff. They are so nice and they make you feel so at home. It’s no wonder patients always have positive comments to say about Dr. Flowers and his staff. It’s certainly a privilege for me to be able to with his patients and his office.”

-Philip Joseph, DMD, Orthodontist

Colleen no longer fears the dentist.

“I no longer fear the dentist! I was seen for an emergency situation in which I called and was seen in under TWO HOURS and I wasn’t even a current patient! The staff was friendly and understanding and Dr. Flowers was fantastic! He explained everything clearly and put me at ease immediately. I’m excited to start bringing my whole family in for their dental care! Thank you so much!”


Why Kerry recommends Dr. Flowers.

“Thank you for giving me something to smile about! Your kindness and skillful dentistry are both a credit to your profession, and I will never forget them. Your staff and well run office make each visit a pleasure. I will recommend you at every opportunity. Thanks Again!”


Dennis finds Dr. Flowers affordable.

“Dr. Flowers is the best in the midlands. For the cost conscious, you can’t beat the price. He is personable, knowledgeable, and professional. Did I also mention pain free?”


Scott doesn’t dread going to the dentist anymore.

“This was definitely the most pleasant visit I’ve had to address my dental needs ever! Your staff was kind, courteous, thorough, and knowledgeable in all facets of my needs. For the first time ever in my life, I no longer have that dread of going to the dentist! Thank y’all so much for creating such a comfortable and personable atmosphere. Look forward to seeing you on my next visit!”


Agnes has no complaints.

“I definitely have no concerns or issues with Dr. Flowers or his staff. Dr. Flowers is the most competent and compassionate doctor I have ever seen. I only wish I could have Dr. Flowers as my primary doctor for everything. There is not enough space or words to describe the incredible feeling you get when you enter Dr. Flowers office. His staff welcomes and recognizes you like you are family and they have known you for years ( I know I do not get that feeling when I walk into my other doctor’s offices). And Dr. Flowers will see you almost immediately and ease any concerns you may have. I have dealt with many dentist and doctors over my 60 years and I have never seen such professionalism and sincere compassion as I have with Dr. Flowers and his staff.”


George had a wonderful experience at the office.

“The staff was nice and greeted me, I explained what my problem was and was in the dental chair in no time at all. It has been my experience with Dr Flowers in the past that he does an outstanding job, today was no different. This man and his staff are a credit to the Dental Profession and I have and will continue to tell my friends to see Dr. Flowers, he will not only take care of your dental problems, he will brighten your smile and your day.”


Tina’s daughter had excellent care.

“Absolutely a wonderful experience….thank u for taking such good care of my daughter!!”


Lisa had an enjoyable experience.

“Another job well done. You do the best work. Thanks for taking care of me ( the chicken ) And a big thank you to the team for making it an enjoyable experience!!.”


The staff and doctor were kind and professional.

“I Appreciate the kindness and professionalism that the staff and the doctor show toward my sister who has Down Syndrome. She is very comfortable with them and has no hesitation when she has to go see them.”


Eva is very pleased with the dental care she’s received.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Charles Flowers for almost one year now and I have been very pleased with the great dental care that I have received. Unfortunately, due to my need to provide care for my husband, many of my dental issues had been postponed. At my initial appointment Dr. Flowers carefully explained my options and created a realistic and affordable treatment plan. Prior to consulting with Dr. Flowers I had sought the opinions of several other dentists and found their solutions to my dental issues unrealistic and very expensive. In May of this year I moved close to Charlotte, NC and as I continue my treatment plan, I make the one and a half hour trip for my appointments. I recommend Dr. Flowers to just about everyone!!!!”


“You all are THE BEST”


Sideana had her concerns listened to and cared for.

“Dr. Flowers is undoubtedly very skilled in his profession but he is also a great listener. He listened attentively to my issue and asked the right questions in order to come to a viable and comfortable solution and treatment plan. I am very satisfied with the care I received from him.”


The office was considerate and wanted to help.

“Everyone was really friendly and I felt confident that all my problems were going to be fixed. They were very considerate of my situation and I could tell they wanted to help.”


The staff and atmosphere were comfortable and relaxing.

“The staff and atmosphere helped me to feel comfortable and relaxed. Everything was explained to me before it was done. Very positive experience!”


Laurel would recommend this office to anyone.

“The front desk receptionist, dental hygienist and dentist were all extremely professional, articulate and friendly. I would recommend this office to anyone! I only had to wait about one minute before my appointment because I was able to fill my forms out online ahead of time, another added bonus!”


Hollen loves visiting Dr. Flowers office.

“Dr. Flowers has been the best Dentist that we have ever used for our family. He is kind, patient and very gentle. He has answered the phone and seen us on emergency visits. He goes above and beyond what any other Dentist has ever done for me or my family. I love visiting Dr. Flowers office. He and his staff know each member of my family by name and as individuals. Meeting with he and his staff is like catching up with old friends. I have referred him to several people and will continue to do so! They are awesome! Make an appointment, go and see for yourself. They will take wonderful care of you! I love the new website too. Check it out; Makes you want to do more to take better care of your smile and your teeth.”


He’s looking forward to his next appointment.

“This was our first visit. My 12-year-old son is autistic and can act peculiar. He had a lot of nerdy questions about dental equipment and wanted to touch everything, and our dental hygienist was very patient with him and answered all of his questions. He loved his visit and looks forward to his next appointment!”


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