Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

Dr. Flowers provides affordable dental care for your entire family.

Gentle, expert dental care for your entire family

Dr. Charles Flowers and his friendly staff love treating families and helping children to feel good about getting their dental care. Dr. Flowers will provide you and your family members with affordable dental care while using advanced equipment and the gentlest techniques. And he especially likes to see young children, usually by three years old, because this way he can help guide their teeth so that they’ll grow in normally.

There’s a reason kids like Dr. Flowers

Kids find Dr. Flowers to be a very caring and patient dentist, and not someone to fear. He likes kids and kids like visiting his practice. He is very patient and has a feather-soft touch. Moreover, he knows how to communicate well with kids and reassures them that everything is going to be okay.

His shots are quite gentle and often kids (and adults) don’t even realize they are getting one. His modern digital X-ray equipment is extremely low-dose for safer dental care. And he provides services especially for kids, like dental sealants to prevent cavities.

Preventive care for Children

Family Dentistry

Children’s teeth need good care just like adults.

Making sure your child gets their regular exams and cleanings is vital to effective preventive dentistry. Simply put, early cavity detection means more comfortable dental care. Cavities can form as young as three or four years, so by that time it’s good to do a thorough checkup and X-rays if possible. That’s why Dr. Flowers prefers to start seeing children as early as age three.

During the exam, besides looking for cavities, Dr. Flowers will inspect the development of your child’s smile. He wants to ensure that your child develops the best possible bite, profile and facial form. He’ll make treatment recommendations should your child have orthodontic-related issues. He also patiently instructs kids on the best way to floss and brush to help create healthy habits that will last them throughout their lives.

If you start bringing your children with you to the office for your own appointments, they’ll get used to our friendly environment. We’ll give them a tour and let them get familiar with the office and realize that it really can be a fun place.

Proper care for ‘baby teeth’

A very common misconception of parents is that their child’s primary teeth don’t require dental care since they’re just temporary teeth. After all, permanent teeth will eventually replace them.

However, if a primary tooth is lost before the permanent tooth is ready to come in, it’s likely that the space vacated by the baby tooth will reduce in size, or even close due to drifting of nearby teeth. This can cause the permanent tooth to grow in crooked.

Additionally, a baby tooth with a large cavity that isn’t treated can get infected and abscess. This infection can actually harm the permanent tooth, which is developing under the baby tooth.

When do permanent teeth erupt?

Family Dentistry

The most common dental question parents have is “when will my child’s lower permanent front teeth begin to erupt?” In general, primary teeth are lost between seven and twelve years of age and are replaced with permanent teeth. The Permanent Eruption Tooth Chart on this page should help with the timetable of when particular permanent teeth should appear in your child’s mouth. Remember, this is just an ‘average.’

Do not get overly concerned if your child seems slow with their tooth development, because it can vary by months per child. If you are worried, Dr. Flowers can take an X-ray and show you the permanent teeth that are currently developing in your child’s mouth.

Dental sealants protect teeth

A dental sealant is a thin, plastic coating brushed onto the chewing surfaces of your child’s back teeth to prevent cavities from forming. As the sealant bonds to the tooth, it guards it from bacteria, plaque and acids that can cause tooth decay. This is an easy procedure that takes only a few minutes but can last for years.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Family Dentistry

We use tooth-colored composite fillings to fill your teeth. Not only are these more aesthetic than amalgam (silver) fillings, they are also healthier for your body. You won’t even notice Dr. Flowers’ shots and his reassuring manner will put you completely at ease.

The old metallic fillings could not bond with teeth. They just rested on the tooth and provided a degree of protection. The material used in tooth-colored composite fillings bonds with the tooth, creating a secure seal that prevents bacteria from entering the tooth. Dr. Flowers only uses tooth-colored composite material for fillings.

Dental care for mature adults

Family Dentistry

Dr. Flowers has over 30 years of experience in advanced dentistry.

Seniors have unique dental conditions. Dr. Flowers helps them feel relaxed and comfortable while getting the dentistry they need. He has advanced training and over 30 years of experience in the areas of dentistry a mature adult might require. Since he is an expert diagnostician, Dr. Flowers is more than qualified to evaluate all aspects of a mature adult’s oral health, from the gums and teeth, to bite and jaw placement.

Dental Restoration

As you get older your teeth don’t have to lose function and your smile does not have to deteriorate. Not when Dr. Flowers can restore your smile by using dental implants, dentures or bridges. He knows that having healthy teeth and gums are extremely important no matter how old the patient is.
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